Marketer’s Brunch and Learn

Sessions available through June 9, 2017.

Feeling a bit peckish for marketing technology insights? Have a hankering for a triple order of tips from today’s top industry smarty pants? Bring your favorite brunch food (suggested course pairings provided) and scoot up to our Marketer’s Brunch and Learn.

This multi-course event will feature sessions to help you generate, automate, advocate, and maybe even instigate. Whether you need to improve your email engagement rates, make sure your messaging is relevant, or better balance inbound and outbound, you’ll find something here to satisfy your hunger for knowledge.

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Mike Madden
Marketo’s Featured Speaker:
Mike Madden

Three Hacks to Optimize Email Open Rates

As Seth Godin put it: “Why waste a sentence saying nothing?” A subject line is usually only five to seven words, yet it can feel harder to write than a 2,000-word college paper. The truth is that subject lines are the doorway into your email campaigns. If that doorway isn’t enticing, no one will walk through to click your emails—let alone buy your products. Join us for this session to learn how to boost your email open rates sky high.

You will learn:

  • The best opt-in process for long-term open rate success
  • Tips for writing email subject lines that beg to be opened
  • Segmentation strategies to boost sender reputation and email engagement

Suggested course pairing: A teetering stack of perky passionfruit ‘n’ pecan waffles, spread with rich buttercream between the layers and drizzled with warm maple syrup. You want to be vibrating with buzz, right? Complement your sugar high with a double espresso. No guilt.

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Dayna Rothman
BrightFunnel’s Featured Speaker:
Dayna Rothman

What to Say Next? Turning Insights Into Relevant Messaging

In today’s complex marketing landscape, measuring your marketing performance is table stakes. How do you take those analytics and actually turn them into insights that inform what message you should send, to what person, and at what time? By layering in key analytics at every point in your sales funnel, you can leverage insight to deliver more engaging customer journeys.

You will learn:

  • What to say, by focusing your efforts on tracking content at different stages of the buyer journey
  • How and when to say it, by looking at program and channel performance mapped to your sales funnel
  • Who to say it to, by measuring target account engagement to understand marketing’s full impact

Suggested course pairing: A selection of sourdough toast slices topped with avocado + feta + caramelized red onions, ricotta + spiced pear butter + toasted almond slivers, and pea shoots + tahini + smoked sea salt. A lightly sweetened chai latte is the perfect complement (made even better with a spike of rye whiskey).

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Linda West
Act-On’s Featured Speaker:
Linda West

Inbound vs. Outbound: How to Balance the Two for Success

Inbound marketing has received a great deal of press in recent years as a standalone digital strategy. But recent research suggests that inbound alone is far from enough; in fact, 84% of today’s successful businesses blend inbound and outbound tactics together to drive results. Find out how to balance your inbound and outbound needs for a revenue-producing digital ecosystem.

You will learn:

  • What the top inbound/outbound tactics and investment opportunities are
  • How to integrate both strategies into your marketing plan
  • About the critical role that content plays in bridging the inbound/outbound gap
  • How you can leverage technology to measure the effectiveness of your marketing

Suggested Course Pairing: Talk about inbound! A velvety beet + açaí + vanilla coconut milk smoothie bowl will fill you with that fresh, “just-downward-dogged” feeling. Top it with swirls of cacao nibs, granola clusters, chia seeds, and kiwi slices. We suggest adding a peach Bellini to further improve your outbound attitude.

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Can’t join us for every session? Don’t worry. You can catch all presentations on-demand for 90 days after the live show. You’ll miss the chance to ask questions and network though, so do try to join us during the live sessions.

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